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CONGRATULATIONS! Milwaukee Area Youth Go4it!

Congratulations to Breyia Horton, owner of Bomb Beauty Salon, winner of the Go4it! Pitch Training Series and Competition Event that was held on successive Saturdays, November 7 – 21, 2020. The pitch training, which included a detailed overview of the 7 Mindsets of a Successful Entrepreneur, was presented by Juan Casimiro, a globally renowned entrepreneurship trainer from the company which he founded, Biznovator.

The Go4it! Pitch Training sessions were coordinated through CLIMB to specifically serve the youth of Running Rebels and Operation Dream, two of the Collective Impact youth-serving organizations. Twenty youth received certificates of completion for having attended the six hours of training. The winners shared a total of $1400 in grants to their businesses. All of the youth received nuggets relating to speaking skills and “the economic way of thinking and living”.

Go4it!’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship among urban youth and young adults through business and investment education, training and project-based initiatives. Go4it! accomplishes its mission through inter-agency collaboration between youth-serving community-based organizations. Learn more here.

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