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Laying The Foundation for Pursuits in Real Estate

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

By Robert Wynn

There are a few select pathways that have prolifically generated wealth for individuals and households in America. They are business development, investments in securites, and real estate ownership. While CLIMB focuses mostly on building wealth through engagement with the capital markets, our Go4it! program, which we operate in collaboration with Running Rebels and other community-based organizations, hosted an educational series on real estate in November 2022. The Go4it! Success Institute presented an educational and training series entitled, “Real Estate Ownership Management and Development: The Prequel”. The purpose of the program was to provide an early orientation to teens and young adults to fundamental concepts for successfully building wealth through real estate.

The November Go4it! Success Institute was co-sponsored By Forward Community Investments and Cinnaire. 22 students, mostly from Running Rebels, participated in the series. Over the course of the three weeks, participants received coaching and training from twelve industry professionals.

“I have always been interested in real estate,” commented Latrelle Johnson, “and after this series, I more fully understand my options and what I need to learn in order to be successful.” To his point, Robert Wynn, president of CLIMB USA and the founder of the Go4it! Success Institute, asked, “Why not proactively prepare our youth for these proven pathways to building wealth at an earlier age, rather than wait for them to make unnecessary mistakes in adulthood because they were ill-prepared?” The impact of the Go4it! Real Estate Training Institute was so significant that Latrelle Johnson, Victor Barnett Jr., and several others are planning to launch a Real Estate Club for teens and young adults. Thanks to Go4it!, these youths’ prequels will lay a solid foundation for their sequels.

Thank you to our presenters for the Go4it! Success Institute on Real Estate

Christopher Laurent - Cinnaire

Fausto Rivera - Forward Community Investments

Alex Edwards - Eastside Partners

Tiffany Malone - Alvarado Real Estate Group

Christopher Kemp - Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Que El Amin - Scott Crawford and Young Enterprise Society

Jacqueline Ward - Venus Consulting

Elmer Moore - Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

Jeff Mack Jr - Real Estate Investor

Derricka Harwell - Real Estate Investor

Hayden Laurie - Real Estate Investor

Marquis Ellis - Real Estate Intern

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