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Go4it!’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship among urban youth and young adults through business and investment education, training, and project-based initiatives.  Go4it! accomplishes its mission through an inter-agency collaboration of youth-serving community-based organizations.

Go4IT! Success Institute Presents...
Real Estate Ownership and Development:
The Prequel


Saturdays in November 2022 – 5th, 12th & 19th  
10:00 am - 12:00 Noon CST

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Real Estate is a proven pathway to building wealth.  In fact, real estate can accelerate wealth building because most real estate transactions involve OPM and leverage.  And opportunities in real estate are limitless for those who understand it.  In addition to homeownership, people can build income and wealth through a plethora of real estate management, development and investment strategies. 


If you are interested in exploring real estate as a career or an avocation, then this is your opportunity to Go4it!


The Go4it! Real Estate Series will provide teenage and young adult participants practical education and exposure regarding:

  • The importance of home ownership

  • Real Estate careers and specialization opportunities

  • Real estate development

  • Financing sources, strategies, and structures

  • Government, nonprofit and higher education training, and support programs


November 5th – Home Ownership and Property Management

November 12th – Investing in Real Estate

November 19th – Real Estate Development and Financing


All Sessions will be from 10am – 12noon CST and the series will primarily feature Wisconsin-based presenters and resources.  Therefore, Wisconsin-based enrollees will have priority.  However, others are welcome to enroll and participate pending space availability.

This program is supported in part by:

The Boule Foundation

  1. Orient participants to “the economic way of thinking.”

  2. Educate and expose participants to entrepreneurial principles, concepts, resources, and people.

  3. Provide investment education to participants as a prerequisite and complement to entrepreneurship.

  4. Offer training for specific entrepreneurial endeavors.

  5. Initiate and support entrepreneurial enterprises.

  6. Facilitate access to capital, technical assistance, and other resources for Go4it! enterprises.

  7. Create an organized network of urban entrepreneurs.