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Financial Literacy in the News

Report: Dane County Black residents face ‘profound, persistent’ racial disparities


Introducing the Buy Back the Block Lab: Building Black wealth through community real estate ownership

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Report: Dane County Black residents face ‘profound, persistent’ racial disparities


"Our Two Cent$

 For Teens by Teens" article


"A New Way for a New Day"

Introduction to CLIMB's 

Stock Market Experience


‘It just keeps going’: 3 reasons
why it still makes sense to start a
stock investment club


Building wealth for youth of color, one club at a time, with Bob Wynn ’76 of CLIMB

Q&A: Black Currency podcasters want to make finance friendly


Foundations of a New Wealth Agenda: A Research Primer on Wealth Building for All

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The financial literacy gap doesn’t exist.

Kat McKim,

Published November 10, 2021


Billionaire Robert F. Smith Gifts Thousands of Shares of Stock to Help Black and Latinx Kids Become Shareholders


'The stakes are really high': Inside the growing movement to teach financial literacy to every Milwaukee kid

Why You May Want To Start, Or Join, An Investment Club

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Fall 2021 Newsletter


High schooler earns practical nursing diploma through special program with MPS, MATC and UWM

Marquette, WARF announces

CLIMB USA as a 2022 Force for Positive Change winner

Robert Wynn is awarded the Governer's Financial Literacy Legacy Award.

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