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The CLIMB Youth Leadership Council is a special (virtual) space for ambitious youth to learn and develop “the economic way of thinking and living”.

CLIMB Youth Leaders meet every Friday at 4:30pm Central Time (5:30pm Eastern Time) during the school year.  The sessions address various financial and human development topics that are interesting and relevant for today’s teens and young adults. Each participant is also guided through the process of selecting a special topic of interest to research and prepare as a presentation for their capstone in May of each year.  Participants that successfully complete the year-long program are eligible for performance-related compensation awards and the opportunity to join an investment club and/ or open an investment account.


Registration will open on August 15th 2022.


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CLIMB Youth Leaders Alumni are now excelling in colleges and various professions.  Many of them attribute their success to their involvement with CLIMB USA programs.  These newly minted adults are the cornerstone for the future success of our society.


  1. Lessons in financial literacy related to saving, budgeting, and investing – Each member will learn how to establish a personal budget and, if they do not already have one, how to open a savings account. SIMS members will also learn how to follow stock prices on the stock exchanges, how to measure their own tolerance for risk, and choose investments that are both profitable and aligned with their personal interests. Ideally, SIMS members will participate in Finance and Investment Challenge Bowls when feasible.

  2. Orientation to entrepreneurship that involves ideation, business planning, teamwork, business finances, and meeting various entrepreneurs – Members will learn how to recognize and develop business ideas, how real estate can be used to produce income, and how to work together to find solutions to problems.

  3. Academic achievement will include monitoring the youth's grades, developing a presentation on their postsecondary plan, and prepping for the ACT. This component will illustrate that one’s health, income and quality of life are correlated with educational attainment and personal development. Additionally, SIMS will educate the youth on strategies for making post high school education affordable with a focus on scholarships, grants, work study programs, and investing while using loans as a last resort.

  4. Communication skills will be incorporated into every meeting – One method will be encouraging members to express what is important to them in positive ways. Members will also develop their presentation skills for pitching their business ideas and for expressing their thoughts and opinions.

  5. A project of the individuals’ choosing will enable the members to explore their talents and passion while applying what they are learning. This project-based exercise will also give them a sense of accomplishment.

  6. Connecting through field trips and Networking – One of the hallmarks of this leadership program is exposure and experiential learning. Activities include field trips and guest presenters.  Field trip's include visiting a stock brokerage firm, the mayor's office, the State Capitol, or area colleges.

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