Thanks to CLIMB 2021 Summer Stock Market Experience Participants!




Thanks to all of you who participated in the 2021 edition of the CLIMB Summer Stock Market Experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for young people, as well as adults, to gain experience and exposure to the world of investing which is foundational to building wealth.

We encourage you to be life-long learners when it comes to investing and reinforce your knowledge as much as you can. The following are several links that will connect you with additional economic education and stock market game resources: - A national resource for economic education - To find the Stock Market Game offerings in your area - Administers the Stock Market Game in Wisconsin


Also, plan to join us for the Summer Stock Market Experience in 2022! Encourage youth leaders, parents, and students in your area to include the summer stock market experience in their plans for next summer.

Meanwhile, we welcome middle and high school students to apply for membership in our Climb Youth Leadership Council which will meet on Fridays during the school year. This is a program for students who want a more intensive orientation to “the economic way of thinking and living.” See the CLIMB Youth Leaders page on this website for more information.

We invite adults, especially those who served as advisors in the Summer Stock Market
Experience, to review the links and resources on our CLIMB Investment Club page if you are interested in starting an investment club. There is also lots more information from our collaborators at BetterInvesting -

We appreciate your interest in and support of CLIMB USA. Thanks to you, the CLIMB Wave is on a roll!


Special thanks to our “Partners in CLIMB,” including the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Foundation (SIFMA), the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC), BetterInvesting, and CUNA Mutual Group Foundation, Inc.

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Interested in joining us for next year's Summer Stock Market Experience? Click below!

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