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Thank you for participating in the 2023 Stock Market Experience!

We would appreciate your feedback regarding your experience in the 2023 Stock Market Experience. Please share your thoughts, even if you did not complete the full 8 weeks. 

Stock Market Experience Participant Satisfaction Survey
Please indicate if you are
Have you participated in CLIMBs Stock Market Experience before?
How would you rate your level of investment knowledge?
Did you participate in the Tuesday Speaker Series?
Of the SME Speaker Series what were your top three presentations?
After completing the Stock Market Experience, how would you rate your stock market investment knowledge?
Were you able to navigate through the Stock Market Platform?
Were you able to navigate the curriculum?
How much of the curriculum did you complete?
Did the curriculum add value to your experience with the SME?
Would you recommend the Stock Market Experience?

Thank you for your thoughts on the 2023 SME. If you would like us to keep you informed for our next session, please complete the interest form found at

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